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How do you sight in a Tasco 4x15 scope on a Daisy pump bb gun?

To be more specific which direction to turn the windage and elevation screws on the scope?

How do you sight in a Tasco 4x15 scope on a Daisy pump bb gun?
Why would you bother? This scope or any for that matter far exceed the range of this weapon.
Reply:The easiest way to do it is to pump and load the gun, and then clamp the gun in a vice or similar device so it can't move. Place a target at about 20-30 ft away and then fire the gun. Then, while looking through the scope while the gun is still clamped down, adjust it until the cross hairs line up with the hole in the target that you just shot.
Reply:I have to agree with birdman (awesome nickname btw), it sounds like you have lost the bits on your bezels which tell you which way to turn them.

General points,

Bezel on the top is for elevation adjustments and the side is for windage.

The one shot and then adjust to your POI (Point of Impact) is the easiest way to go.

You have to ask yourself how accurate is a bb gun and if your only getting 2" groups at 30yards is it really worth it?

Have fun.
Reply:Use a large cardboard box and just put a dot in the center with a marks a lot. Line up on the dot and shoot find the point of impact where the BB hit. You may have to mark the spot where the BB hit with the marks a lot to make it easy to see. Sand bag or clamp the weapon down with the cross on the dot in the center of the box and move the screws till the get on the dot where you hit. Unclasp and aim at the center and see what you got. Don't expect a small group it's just not going to happen.
Reply:If you don't have a vise, rest the gun as securely as you can on a picnic table, etc. Pump the gun as many times as you plan to when you're shooting (10 times for hunting, etc.) Use pellets; they are much more accurate. Shoot 3 or 4 times to get a good idea of your point of impact.

Adjust your elevation first. Usually the elevation adjustment screw will be labeled up or down, but if not, clockwise is usually up.

Once you get your groups centered vertically, then proceed to adjust windage. Clockwise usually adjusts your point of impact to the right.

Be careful not to bump your scope or you will have to start all over. These little scopes aren't very durable. Make sure all scope screws are tight before you start.
Reply:you turn the knobs in the direction that the bullet hit.

If you aimed straight at the bull's eye, but you hit high, you would click in the UP direction. If you also hit to the left of the bulls eye, you'd click LEFT. You are basically adjusting the crosshairs to point to where the bullet actually hit.

The turrets should be marked. Note, most turrets are covered with a screw cap, which you need to take off, then use a dime or thumbnail or a screwdriver to actually make your adjustments.

Note, the scope should say exactly how many clicks equal a certain movement of the crosshairs. This is usually 1/4 or possibly 1/2 inch at 100 yards. I recommend stetting up your target at 10 yards, this means 10 clicks will move the crosshairs enough to change the point of impact by 1/4 of an inch. 40 clicks would move it an inch. Bring along a ruler, measure, convert to clicks, and click away.

Also, shoot a few shots, and pick out the center of the group before moving the crosshairs. If your shots are all over the target, the scope is probably not mounted tight enough in the rings, or the ring bases are not mounted tight enough to the rifle.

Final note, you need to make sure you are using a scope designed for air rifles. Air rifles recoil in a different manner, they actually jerk forward a little bit, or at least piston driven ones do, while most rifles recoil backward. The scope will have some internal parts shake loose if you put an air rifle scope on a rimfire firearm, or if oyu put a rimfire scope on an air rifle
Reply:y would u put a scope of that power on a bb gun u handi tard! like my god, i used a 3x9x32 and that was more then enough for me. not only that but y would u pay that for a scope 4 a bb gun!

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